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Art by Lucy

Lucy Nel shares some of her oil paintings with you.

C-Some Stitches Embroidery Designs

For a variety of fun and interesting embroidery designs including freebies.

Derick Face to Face

Derick de Lange grew up in Pietersburg and finished his studies in Theology at RAU University and AFM Theological College. He is a full-time minister at the Alberton Lewensentrum, functioning as Arts Department Director, which includes music, art and drama.

Eastern Cape Children's Choir

The Eastern Cape Children’s Choir was established in 1982 and consists of between 60 and 80 boys and girls, aged 11 to 15 years. The choir’s official residence is Port Elizabeth, but members, who enter the choir by vocal audition, represent schools across the entire city and surrounding towns.

Elsa Hagelskamp, Fine Artist

Elsa Hagelskamp is a South African born fine artist, now resident in Germany, with a striking style in various techniques.

Gail Strever, Visual Artist

A versatile artist who works with a wide variety of materials (eg oils, acrylic, charcoal, engraving, woodcut etc) and whose work is vivid, expressive and wide-ranging.  Gail Strever also does commission work.

Paintings and Lamps

A range of African lamps is made of natural products such as Malaysian grass and Indonesian reeds and is ideal for creating a rustic African atmosphere in game lodges, lapas etc.  Paintings: South African landscapes, also lots of flower studies, animal studies and, upon request, portraits and abstracts. 

Robin Morris

Music has always been an inspiration for Robin Morris. "It's kind of like a memory trip every time you hear a particular song. It instantly reminds you of someone or some incident. That sort of always just reached out to me."

Salem Moravian Bands

The Salem Moravian Brass Bands is associated with the Moravian Church in South Africa and is based in Schauderville, Port Elizabeth. It is first and foremost a church band but doubles as a community band

Twospinningwheels Productions

Twospinningwheels Productions, operational since January 2007, is a company that is committed to developing the film industry in the Eastern Cape and South Africa.

Uniondale Art

A number of South African artists have made Uniondale their home.

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