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Education and Training

De La Salle Holy Cross College

De La Salle Holy Cross College provides a Christian education from pre-primary through to matriculation.

LSA School of Technology

An accredited training provider specialising in civil engineering and road construction that operates over much of southern Africa.  It offers several learnerships and skills development programmes in road works construction

Rowallan Park Primary School

Rowallan Park Primary School in Port Elizabeth is a parallel medium school for boys and girls from pre-primary to Grade 7. The school offers a special class and aftercare facilities. Currently there are 800 pupils attending the school and no classes or grades are combined.


Skills SA is a service company committed to improving productivity in business. This is achieved by identifying and developing the competencies, abilities and behaviours of staff at all levels to strive for continuous improvement & make practical contributions to the growth of the business.

Straight Up Magazine

This student magazine is a platform of like-minded students and aims at facilitating the exchange of viewpoints, information and ideas between the different tertiary institutions in South Africa.

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